Economic Empowerment


Replicator to Replicator

Like majority of women in rural part of the world, Joyce was a housewife depending on the little earnings from her spouse Isaac to fend for their small family in Ramba Village in Kenya. In 2016, she joined Tem Kayot Saving Groups which was being trained by Judith who is one of the community Replicators Trained by ADS-Nyanza. On 21st March 2016, she took her first loan of Kshs 700 and bough a pack of cosmetic wares which she hawked in Ramba Market. From this she made a small profit of 25% and paid back her loan. “I realized that there was only one cosmetic shop in the entire market, this is an opportunity I wanted to pursue” Joyce Says. She secured a small place at the market and with her mart, she was spreading her wares now valued at Kshs 2500 from subsequent loans. “My business is growing, from spreading my wares on ground to now having this wooden stall with stock valued at Kshs 6700 within this short period is a big Blessing. From my business proceeds, I have improved my savings, paid my loans on time and now supporting Isaac with household budgets. If he brings flour, I can come with Sukuma wiki and few eggs and we are happy as a family, at times I also provide school fees support for Brian and Sheryl” narrates Joyce.

Joyce was this year Identified as a replicator and so far formed 5 Savings with Education groups with 115 members who are currently also benefiting through savings and loaning activities. “I feel motivated to also support my fellow women for us to fight poverty in our community. I am very glad to see groups members I trained also starting small business and supporting their families. I really appreciate Judith for the initial training and ADS-Staff Moses for Business skills technical support” Says Joyce. She plans to continue expanding her business and training more rural women into strong Savings with Education groups.

Mama Joyce is among the over 4000 women in Rural Kenya who are believing in fullness of life again after benefiting from Savings with Education Program implemented by ADS-Nyanza through Episcopal Relief and Development.
By: Vincent Alila: Project Coordinator